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True story. So I am going to Vienna on business and one of the guys at the office keeps hitting me on the arm and telling me about how much fun I was going to have with a wink. I was wondering if he was off of his meds or something. No really. This guy took meds and I was sure he was taking the wrong ones or skipping them completely.

When my plane landed I was greeted at the gate by a smoking hot blonde babe with tits the size of seedless watermelons. It was like she cut one in half and them slapped them on her chest.

During the limo ride to the hotel she scooted in close to me wrapping her arms around me and putting one of her legs over my own. Who was this chick?

My Vienna escort spoke fluent English with a German accent. She was very helpful as a personal assistant and again helpful after a stressful days work giving me some very nice full body massages. I came away from the trip filling better than when I had left. No wonder my colleague was acting like I had just won the lottery. In some ways I did!

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