How to Meet Women for Free

How to Meet Women for Free

Back in the bad old days, to meet women online, you had to pay. In fact, if you wanted to talk to women you found on dating sites, you had to pay and pay and pay. They were the only solution to your efforts of figuring out where to meet women for free. It’s obvious that a lot of dating sites made a lot of money. They were basically digital gold mines. How can they not be?

Imagine having to pay just to contact women. Also, you subscribed and every single month you didn’t have to re-authorize your subscription. You got billed automatically. It’s no surprise then that a lot of guys have started to look for ways to meet women online for free.

Thankfully, the rules have changed. As recently as eight years ago, that was the case. If you wanted to find real women in your local area, you had to pay quite a bit of money. Now, you only need to download a mobile app or go to the right types of websites, and you can hook up for free.

We’re not just talking about actually talking to women and setting up a date. We’re not talking romance at all. There are no emotional strings attached. This is just meeting somebody just for raw, hot, nasty sex. How amazing is that? To most guys, that’s the most amazing way to meet women for free. Here is how you do it.

Online Classifieds

Craigslist is the biggest online classifieds in America, but there are other classified ads websites. They have a personal section, and you can easily hook up.

The great thing these types of websites have going for them is that they are purely local. So your chances or hooking up in your local area are quite high. The downside is you’re stuck with whatever local inventory is available. So if your local area only has ugly women, I’m sorry to break this to you, but that’s the way it goes.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps like Tinder make hooking up so easy because you only need to turn it on and Tinder will look for other Tinder users of the opposite sex in your area. So you don’t have to worry about hooking up by accident with somebody who lives several states away. This is a purely local dating experience.

The downside with Tinder is that you have to look good, and let’s face it, most of us guys don’t look like Brad Pitt. Most of us look very different from George Clooney. So if you’re not a very good-looking guy, then Tinder might not be a good option.

Free Hookup Sites

Now, if you’re looking to just get laid and you’re not that handsome of a guy, this is your option. Why? These websites are all about sex. That’s right. Women who are just looking for no-strings-attached-sex join these websites.

This is the biggest advantage of these types of websites. It’s all about sex. It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter how much money you have.

The downside to these types of websites is that a lot of them are fake. What I mean is that a lot of the women there are not real women. In fact, they’re not human beings at all because they’re created by software. That’s the downside with free hookup sites. You need to do your homework to find the right sites to hook up.