Whopping 73% Discount On ALSScan.com

ALS Scan Discount

ALSScan.com is one of those sites where the name says it all. This site started back in 1996 as far as its internet presence goes, but the business was online way back before then. Think back to a time when modems ran at 14400 baud. Back during a time when digital cameras didn’t exist. Way back then some guy got a crazy idea of shaving girls bald and snapping photos of them so that guys could call into his BBS and download the scans of his photos. A lot has changed since those early days and I would have to say the changes are all for the better!

With today’s technological achievements you don’t have to pay long distance charges dialing into his BBS. You just point your phone, tablet or computer to his website. Or better yet, go to DealFap.com and take 73% off of the price with their discount!

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